Design Communities

Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout is a dedicated, invite-only network of UX designers and researchers.

Better Designers

The Better Designers Club is a group of over 100 talented designers who share tips, strategies, and feedback.

Dear Designers

A community to help you figure out your next steps in becoming a better designer from folks a few steps ahead of you.

UX Design Community

UI/UX designers from all over the globe.


Official Slack group for the Bootstrap framework.

Team Sketch

A community for Sketch designers.


The #1 community for designers looking to share, learn & grow.

Animation at Work

Join the conversation and meet other web animation and UI animation folks like you!

Framer Official

Get feedback and help with your projects, or learn Framer with fellow designers.

Designer Talk

A group of designers continuing the conversation past happy hour


The official Slack for Phase: the last design tool you'll ever need.

CSS Classes

Community for CSS beginners, experts and creatives.

Design Systems

A community for design systems practitioners.

Mixed Methods

Mixed Methods is a community interested in the hows and whys of user experience research.


Join the worlds largest community of 400+ Jewish Creatives.

Open to anyone interested in joining in a conversation with like-minded product-focused makers and doers.

Design Tools


Marvel has everything you need to bring ideas to life and transform how you create digital products.

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Need a high quality logo, business card, or Facebook cover designed? Get access to some of the best designers at a good rate today!

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Designmodo creates website and email builders designed for developers and non-tech users, in addition to providing articles and tutorials.

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