What is Like Minded Hub?

Like Minded Hub is a centralized "hub" to find online communities and chatrooms consisting of others doing exactly what you are doing. Help each other grow, network, and learn from each other. Pick a category you align with to discover online communities.

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Editor's Top Picks

Online Geniuses

The largest Slack group for expert marketers.


The #1 platform for DIY stock investors.

Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout is a dedicated, invite-only network of UX designers and researchers.

Crypto Minded

Join the Cryptominded community with over 2000+ members today.


A Slack community for Elm: a delightful language for reliable webapps.

Work in Progress

Meet the maker community.

She Worx

The global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs.

Pig Squad

A group dedicated to supporting the health and continued expansion of game developer and enthusiast communities.